Today an entire medical field dedicated to researching, developing and treating spine pain with high tech devices and procedures-- Interventional Spine Medicine, exists. Open-back surgeries, scalpels, hardware, long hospital stays and painful recoveries are ancient history. The new out-patient procedures to relieve spine pain are often a breeze and have little risk. In many cases, the hardest part of the treatment is skipping breakfast on procedure day.

If you have back pain (or know someone who does) check out some of today's high-tech relief options below:

  • fluoroscopic disc remodel
  • nerve decompressors
  • cold ablation
  • hot ablation
  • spacers
  • nucleus modifiers
  • fracture repair and height restoration

If you are interested in learning what high-tech options are best for you, visit us at the University Spine Institute in Murrieta, California.

Vance Z. Johnson, MD, a highly-experienced Interventional Spine Specialist and local doctor, directs the University Spine Institute. More than 65,000 people have come in to consult with Dr. Johnson for help with their spine pain. He is double board certified and is one of Southern California's only sub-specialists in advanced fluoroscopic laminotomy operations. He participates in national research trials and has taught hundreds of physician specialists the most advanced, high-tech techniques available to today's patients. Patients trust Dr. Johnson to treat them with compassion. Many former patients recommend Dr. Johnson to their friends and family.

Dr. Johnson opened the University Spine Institute on March 1, 2011. He says,

About six years ago, seventy-seven of the best doctors in this area got together to build a medical center of excellence in Murrieta. We all knew patients who drove an hour to get even basic medical care. So we began the project and the good people at the City of Murrieta were delighted with our idea.

The following year, the doctors partnered with Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) to build a top notch medical facility, right here in Murrieta. People don't have to drive an hour to get quality treatment anymore. The best care is now in town. Dr. Johnson is proud The University Spine Institute is on the new 50 acre, LLUMC-Murrieta campus. He says,

We've put together a great team of specialists. We use the newest technology here. Our staff is helpful and friendly. It's wonderful to be able to offer patients all this in our home town.

The University Spine Institute clinical team includes specialists in Interventional Spine, Physical Medicine, Spine Surgeons, instrument technicians and logistics support experts.

The University Spine Institute is located on the ground floor, front and center of the Professional Office Building on the LLUMC-Murrieta campus, next door to the main hospital. Here we'll answer your questions and help you get better, easier and faster than ever before. We look forward to meeting you.